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Attorney Nick Albukerk

Chicago Attorneys Who Get Results

As a long-standing Chicago area law firm, we have helped countless clients win exceptional verdicts and settlements across a wide range of legal issues. We have the record to back us up:

  • A $1.27 million verdict: Jalalipour v. Saed, M.D., record verdict in Illinois for a bladder injury case
  • A $600,000 settlement: Rodah Piskule v. Valley Hi Nursing Home, record amount in McHenry County for failure to properly monitor patient, anti-coagulant, resulting in death
  • A $625,000 settlement: Krystal Moore v. Kankakee et al., record amount for deliberate indifference to an obvious medical need case in Kankakee Illinois
  • A $300,000 settlement: Janet Parker v. Lydia Nursing Home, for failure to properly monitor patient, cancer, resulting in death.

We Take Swift Action In Defense Of Our Clients

As litigators with decades of experience, we know there is no greater asset than compelling evidence. When you reach out to us at Albukerk & Associates, we will act quickly to investigate and gather as much evidence as possible.

If your case involves a solitary instance of wrongdoing, we can go after the individual or organization that caused you harm. If it involves a larger systemic problem in criminal law, medical negligence or civil rights, we will bring to light the pervasive discrimination or negligence that has created unreasonable obstacles for you.

A Law Firm With The Right Priorities

A compassionate attorney will only get you so far. We understand the hardships our clients are going through, and we take the time to address their concerns personally, but our focus never wavers from what it takes to win a case.

We have the skills to investigate your case and craft an argument that holds up before judge and jury when necessary. Contact us via email or by telephone at 773-234-8923 for a free initial consultation. We handle cases throughout Chicago, Cook County and surrounding areas of Illinois.

We offer flexible appointment times when necessary. Spanish interpreter services are available upon request.