About Albukerk & Associates

Attorney Nick AlbukerkNick Albukerk is the founder and principal attorney of Albukerk & Associates. He leads our firm in representing clients who struggle with a wide range of litigation and trial matters throughout Chicagoland. His confidence and effectiveness in the courtroom is based on the durability of his investigations and the evidence he brings forth in support of his clients, no matter what legal matter has affected their lives.

A Team Of Skilled Professionals And Of-Counsel Attorneys

Our firm has tried a wide range of challenging cases, including some involving felony offenses and violent crimes, as well as personal injury and medical malpractice claims that require an in-depth understanding of medical records and procedures. We strive for:

  • Zealous representation built from an extraordinary work ethic. We protect our clients from the very personal consequences of impersonal systems by giving them a voice. We are assertive and persuasive because we are backed by facts and knowledge.
  • Creative thinking that cuts through irrelevant details and uncovers issues often overlooked by less experienced lawyers
  • Excellent results that reflect what our clients need most — compensation, dropped or reduced charges, security and the stability to move forward with their lives.

Learn more about our team of attorneys:

Our Chicago area law office can be reached via email or by telephone at 773-234-8923. We offer free initial consultations to answer preliminary questions and determine whether Albukerk & Associates is right for you.

Our office is in Chicago and we handle cases throughout Cook County and surrounding areas of Illinois.