Protecting Your Civil Rights

The United States Constitution is built on the concepts of human and civil rights. These rights refer to a wide range of protections, including freedom of religion, freedom of speech, the right to vote and much more.

Some of the most common civil rights violations are discrimination and lack of due process in the criminal justice system. At Albukerk & Associates, we work with individuals throughout Cook County and the Chicagoland area who have suffered civil rights violations at the hands of private entities and government agencies.

Our seasoned and skilled litigators can help you take action when your civil rights have been violated. We will thoroughly investigate your case and uncover the pervasive discriminatory practices that led to the harm you have suffered. When it seems like no one is on your side, you can trust us to make your voice heard when filing a complaint, claim or lawsuit as well as presenting your case in a court of law.

Discrimination, Harassment And Your Rights

Attorney Nick Albukerk

Discrimination and harassment are often discussed in the context of employment law, but discrimination can happen in a wide range of situations. If an individual cannot get adequate health care, experiences barriers to education or is unable to fulfill basic human needs, he or she may be experiencing a civil rights violation based on prejudice against race, age, sex or, in some cases, sexual orientation.

Law Enforcement, Criminal Prosecutors And The Charges Against You

Police brutality and misconduct are prime examples of civil rights violations that happen regularly across the United States. These violations often occur during an arrest, when an individual is serving time in jail or during the criminal process.

We can help you take legal action and recover compensation if:

  • You have been the subject of an unlawful search and seizure
  • You were physically harmed by a police officer (e.g., Taser injuries, gunshot wounds, beatings)
  • You lost a loved one due to fatal injuries sustained at the hands of law enforcement
  • You suffered mistreatment in prison, such as ignored medical disorders that have caused you harm or injury

The First Step To Fighting Civil Rights Violations In Illinois

Before an individual can file a civil lawsuit against a private entity or an individual for a civil rights violation, he or she typically needs to file a claim with the government agency responsible for regulating those civil liberties. Claims are typically subject to statutes of limitations. The deadlines and agencies you must work with vary depending upon the violation you have experienced.

We can help you take appropriate action and get results. Contact us online or by telephone at 773-234-8923 for a free initial consultation. We handle cases throughout Chicago, Cook County and surrounding areas of Illinois.