Fighting Back Against Police Misconduct

Law enforcement officers throughout Illinois work in high-pressure jobs and often deal with life-threatening situations. Even in stressful situations, however, they are expected to adhere to professional standards of ethics and conduct.

Police officers should uphold and protect the civil rights of any individual they deal with on the job. This includes individuals they are investigating, arresting, booking or processing at the police department.

You Have The Right To Stand Up Against Police Brutality

While many officers behave honorably, some abuse their power. At Albukerk & Associates, we uphold our clients' rights and pursue compensation for civil rights violations they have suffered at the hands of a government entity, agency or representative, such as police officers.

Our attorneys have decades of experience in criminal investigations and criminal defense as well as civil lawsuits — all of which play a role in many police misconduct cases. We understand law enforcement procedural guidelines and where the line is drawn between negligence and willful police conduct.

We can investigate and take action on your behalf in cases of:

  • Police brutality: Use of excessive force or violence that results in injury or wrongful death
  • False arrest: A lack of a warrant or probable cause that results in the violation of an individual's Fourth Amendment right, which protects him or her against unreasonable search and seizure
  • Malicious prosecution: When an officer initiates a criminal proceeding against an individual that results in no conviction (in the victim's favor), is not backed by probable cause and was initiated with malice toward the accused
  • Failure to intervene: When an officer fails to step in and protect an individual whose constitutional rights are being violated by a fellow officer
  • Mistreatment in prison: When an officer is abusive to a prisoner or fails to provide a basic standard of care or violates prisoner rights (i.e., ignoring medical disorders or failing to provide medical care)

What Kind Of Compensation Can Be Pursued In A Police Misconduct Case?

Injuries suffered in these situations, physical or otherwise, are not supposed to happen. You have every right to file a lawsuit against the abusive party under state and federal laws. The amount of compensation an individual may receive through a civil lawsuit against an officer or police department will depend upon the nature of the victim's injuries. The victim may pursue compensatory and punitive damages, as well as attorney fees required to take legal action.

We can help you understand your options during a free initial consultation. Contact us via email or by telephone at 773-234-8923. Depending upon the case, you may be able to retain counsel from Albukerk & Associates on a contingency fee basis.