Advocates For Prisoner's Rights

You may think that you are solely at the mercy of guards and officers as a prisoner or inmate. The truth is, you have rights as a prisoner, and those rights should be upheld, even if you have been convicted of a crime and are serving time in jail.

At Albukerk & Associates, we know that civil rights in the United States often come with some of the most heated debates. Still, they are some of the most precious rights we have. They need protecting, and it is the attorney's job to fight on behalf of the Constitution, domestic law and human rights principles.

Our firm is dedicated to helping prisoners whose health, safety and human dignity are threatened by inhumane conditions and misconduct in prisons throughout Chicago and the state of Illinois. If your rights or the rights of someone you care about are being violated, call to arrange a free initial consultation.

We handle cases of civil rights violations within the prisons, correctional facilities and detention centers, including cases of:

  • Deliberate indifference to an obvious medical need: Failure to provide proper medical care for chronic illnesses, medical emergencies, mental health issues that result in death and more.
  • Excessive physical force which results in great bodily injury: Guards and other staff routinely use excessive force unnecessarily.
  • Restriction of basic human rights: Failure to uphold basic Constitutional rights like freedom of speech, freedom of religion and access to legal counsel.

Even if it seems like no one is on your side, you have the right to take action when you have been mistreated or subjected to inhumane conditions that threaten your health and safety. Our lawyers can help you understand your rights, and how to take action on behalf of yourself or your loved one who is in prison.

Contact our office online or by telephone at 773-234-8923 today to arrange a meeting. We offer the aggressive advocacy you need to take on the criminal justice system and prison misconduct.