Sex Crimes In Chicago

In Chicago and the rest of Illinois most sex crimes are Class X offenses meaning that the minimum sentence is six years in the Illinois Department of Corrections. But a felony conviction for a sex crime can follow you much longer.

A person must register for at least 10 years and usually longer as a registered sex offender, if convicted of any felony sex offense. What that practically means is that, for the rest of his life, the convicted defendant's name will be found on websites that track his address and other vital information. He is forever marked as a pariah. Few employers will want to have any association with the convicted. Relationships of any sort will be strained and are often broken because of this.

Experienced Chicago Attorneys Defending Charges Of Sex Crimes

Albukerk & Associates' inventive, intensive approach to criminal defense has earned results others thought impossible. DNA analysis, if a possible avenue to innocence, will be demanded. If the state claims the DNA as their proof of guilt, the DNA will be challenged with our own labs and statistical experts. Albukerk & Associates has appealed 30-year-old cases to push the courts into allowing testing of DNA evidence.

Get the aggressive defense you need when you have been charged with a sex crime in Illinois. Contact Albukerk & Associates at 773-234-8923 as soon as possible.

State V. Torres

In one case (State v. Torres) a married father with three children was accused of molesting a cousin's six-year-old daughter. The mother of the child claimed that the child made the complaint of sexual molestation to her. There was no physical evidence. The child had a speech impediment, which the mother claimed only she could understand.

With the help of an intelligent and bi-lingual assistant Nick Albukerk was able to interview and record both the mother and the six-year-old child to show that the child was incapable of any form of speech and therefore was incapable of making the accusation. The accusation was created by the mother, not the six-year-old girl. When the court heard this evidence and combined it with the mother's admission that the defendant had recently made the mother of the child leave the basement apartment that he owned and allowed her to rent, the court was convinced that no sexual assault had taken place.

These results are not possible without going to the witnesses and asking hard questions, checking physical evidence and the bias of witnesses. Contact a Chicago sex crimes lawyer today to ensure that you get the facts necessary to win your case.