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Albukerk & Associates has successfully defended white collar cases by uncovering the details that the State overlooked, i.e. finding the witnesses the State didn't bother to interview; making sure we have the experts to explain the scope of the financial crime and what really happened. Financial crimes must be done in conjunction with forensic accountants, billing experts and other experts who can explain the inner workings of complex financial transactions to jurors.

Albukerk & Associates has dealt with cases of white collar criminal defense including corporate espionage, theft of trade secrets and embezzlement.

Successful White Collar Attorney in Chicago

Albukerk & Associates is the only firm to win a State Medicaid Fraud criminal case in the State of Illinois. An example:

State v. Shelton

The Defendant was accused of being part of a scheme of substitute and ghost billing for thousands of patients that were never seen by any doctor. Dr. Shelton was accused of helping others steal approximately $650,000. She was innocent. Albukerk & Associates spent hundreds of hours working on the case, finding witnesses and finding the forms that were used to bill for thousands of patients. We were able to show that most of the billing documents did not have Dr. Shelton's signature on them. We were able to show that the person responsible for billing did not know how to correctly, or ethically, bill. We were able to show that the State's investigation was full of assumptions that did not hold water. We worked with experts in signature verification, two experts in medical billing, and several experts in Medicaid billing. Dr. Shelton hired and fired five attorneys before coming to us. Your reputation and livelihood can only be saved with a tremendous amount of work; we produced the results she desired: Not Guilty.

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