DUIs And Drunk Driving

Being arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) can be one of the most sobering events in your life. However, the terrible experience does not have to last any further than the short time that you or a loved one may have spent in jail.

Albukerk & Associates are Chicago based DUI attorneys who can provide you with representation that will assure that your rights are protected, you are back on the road legally as soon as possible and are in the best position to win your case. Contact our office online or by telephone at 773-234-8923 to learn more.

How do you fight your DUI?

While a DUI may seem like a rather cut and dry criminal offense, there are many points of attack that Albukerk & Associates use to exploit the weaknesses in the state's case. Below is a brief list of some of the strategies used to win DUI's:

  • Probable cause: Did the police officer have a valid reason to stop your vehicle? Were you driving recklessly? Or were you avoiding pot holes? Or was it a windy day and your car was blown out of its lane? If the officer did not have a good reason to stop you Albukerk & Associates will request that the judge to punish the officer for violation of your Fourth Amendment rights, by excluding all of the evidence the officer was able to gather against you.
  • Reasonable suspicion: Did the police officer have a reasonable suspicion that you were under the influence? Did the totality of the circumstances lead him to believe that you were under the influence? Or, were you coming home from work where you work with chemicals that smell like alcohol? Were you eating something that smells like alcohol? Did you know that pure alcohol actually has no smell?
  • Field sobriety test (FST): Were FSTs conducted and if so which particular tests? Were the tests performed according to the guidelines prescribed for each one? Were the tests performed in an appropriate setting? Was the shoulder of the road level? Were the tests performed far enough from the road that you were not affected by the concussive wind that develops in front of and behind a fast moving tractor-trailer?
  • Blood alcohol level (BAL): It is illegal to drive with a BAL of .08 or above but it is not illegal to simply have a BAL of .08 or above. What was your BAL at the time that you were actually driving the vehicle? It is possible that your BAL was below .08 when you were driving and only rose above .08 while you were being taken to the police station because of food in your stomach and your metabolism. Albukerk & Associates have worked with expert pharmacologists and other experts to explain to juries that not all Breathalyzer results are accurate. Were you on medication that affected your metabolism? Did you gargle with an alcohol-based breath freshener that would throw off the results of the Breathalyzer?

DUI arrests are common. What is not common is the representation that Albukerk & Associates provides a client charged with DUI.

Albukerk & Associates will give your DUI charges the attention you deserve. Your case will be scrutinized by a highly skilled Chicago DUI lawyer to ensure that everything possible is done to protect you against these charges. When your case is complete, you will have the luxury of knowing that every legal option was exhausted and every investigative angle was examined prior to the case closing.