Drug Charges In Chicago

Drug-related offenses are the most common criminal charge in Chicago. Over 80 percent of all criminal cases at 26th and California are drug charges. Albukerk & Associates has handled hundreds of drug cases from misdemeanor marijuana to major federal drug trafficking offenses. There are two basic ways to legally fight a drug charge:

  1. Going to trial and claiming innocence, or;
  2. Arguing that the evidence of illegal drugs should be "suppressed", or thrown out, because the police violated the defendant's Fourth Amendment rights because the officers had no probable cause to stop and search the defendant. Nick Albukerk has taught the subject of search and seizure law to other attorneys.

In practice however, asking that drugs, or a gun, be suppressed or thrown out becomes a credibility contest. The police know what lies they must tell to get around the Fourth Amendment. It's the small details that trip up officers.

Albukerk & Associates are the aggressive criminal defense attorneys who will do everything in their power to ensure that these questions and any others that are crucial to the case are answered. Contact a Chicago drug lawyer today for your best chance to win.

Regardless of which route presents the strongest path to a not guilty finding, a vigorous investigation is mandatory for success. Could the officer have seen what he claims to have seen from the angle and position he says he was in within his police report? What was the lighting at the scene of the alleged crime? At what time did the officer claim to have seen the probable cause that led to the arrest? Did the officer knock and announce their office? Did the officer have a valid warrant? Did the officer have valid information to support a search warrant? Did the state recover fingerprints from the plastic bag the officers claim the defendant stored the illegal drugs in?

Chicago Drug Defense Attorney

Hiring attorneys like Albukerk & Associates as quickly as possible after an arrest is crucial. In the first 24 to 72 hours most surveillance video is erased. Within 30 days of the alleged crime other crucial information in the case is erased. If an attorney does not move to preserve evidence at the scene and in the possession of the police department immediately, that attorney is giving up an opportunity to win that defendant's case.

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