Homicide Laws In Illinois

Homicide carries a minimum sentence of twenty years of straight time; with no reductions or time off for good behavior. Illinois is a death penalty state. It goes without saying that this crime is the most serious offense a person can be charged with. The cases typically take four years to get to trial and are difficult and expensive undertakings.

Albukerk & Associates has successfully defended many first degree murder charges. As much as the stakes are very high for the client they are perceived to be equally high for the police. They use all of their resources and coercive abilities to obtain witnesses and confessions.

Tragically, the type of pressure exerted by police on clients has lead to false confessions, and Illinois has consequently become one of the leading states to falsely convict people of serious crimes. Albukerk & Associates has handled and successfully resolved several criminal defense cases including murder cases that involved full videotaped confessions.

Chicago Murder Defense Attorney

One example is Mr. Balderrama: Mr. Balderrama was charged with murdering a child. Within a few days of the child's death, Mr. Balderrama gave a full videotaped confession, even acting out the way that he punched the child. Yet, he insisted he was innocent.

By doing an exhaustive forensic review Nick Albukerk was able to show that the listed cause of death did not comport with the police version of events or the confession. Nick Albukerk' client was charged with killing a child by punching him in the abdomen causing internal bleeding. Internal bleeding in turn causes an infection in the stomach cavity known as peritonitis. By researching peritonitis, and speaking to his own father, a medical examiner, and later the medical examiner that performed the autopsy in the case, Nick Albukerk was able to show that peritonitis should have killed the deceased no earlier than 20 hours after the alleged beating. However, the confession had a timeline of only eight hours from the time of beating to the time of death. Further, there was a report by a radiologist, a doctor who looks at x-rays and can determine if, and how, bones are broken. At face value the report seemed to just detail the broken bones of the deceased further proving Mr. Balderrama to be that much more brutal. However, an interview with the radiologist brought to light a stunning finding. The bone injuries, according to the doctor, were consistent with a violent shaking, not a punching injury. A violent shaking also explained the bruising pattern on the body. In this case Albukerk & Associates utilized mock juries, false confession experts, three pathologists/medical examiners, two psychologists, hundreds of pages of letters from the child's mother, several reports regarding other injuries the child suffered at the hands of the mother and, finally, the different stories the mother told about those injuries. As a result, Mr. Balderrama went from facing the death penalty to being a free man due to the efforts of Albukerk & Associates.

Albukerk & Associates has the experience and relentless drive to make sure that if there is a way to win your case, it will be won.

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