Chicago Lawyer Handling Juvenile Charges

While the crimes charged in Juvenile Court are the same crimes that are charged in adult court, that is where the similarities end. Juvenile Court is a completely different venue than adult court and it is extremely important that you have a criminal defense attorney representing you or your child who is familiar with juvenile criminal defense and its intricacies.

Albukerk & Associates has handled dozens of juvenile cases. In juvenile court there is no right to a jury (12 peers who decide your case instead of a judge) except in certain murder charges. The focus in juvenile court is supposed to be on rehabilitating the minor, not punishing the child. However, the juvenile detention facility in Chicago, the Audy Home, has been cited for constant problems; it is not a place a parent wants their child to be. Accordingly, a skilled juvenile lawyer like Nick Albukerk is able to analyze a minor's case and plan a course of action that will have the least detrimental impact on the juvenile; from a "not delinquent finding" (the equivalent of a not guilty) to probation, or periodic imprisonment, Albukerk & Associates has the experience and knowledge to keep your child from becoming a victim of the system.

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