Theft Crimes In Chicago

If you are arrested for a theft related crime, there are many factors that will be used to determine whether you end up fighting a felony or a misdemeanor. Theft crimes are some of the most common offenses and with aggressive representation can often be mitigated.

Misdemeanor Theft Crimes

Generally speaking, theft of something with value under $150 is a misdemeanor. While this is considered a misdemeanor crime, the offense can be quite severe. If you are convicted of a misdemeanor theft, your next theft offense can be charged as a felony, regardless of the value of the property taken.

Theft crimes are also considered crimes of moral turpitude and can have severe effects on everything from employment to immigration status in the United States. A skilled aggressive criminal defense attorney at Albukerk & Associates can help assure that your rights are protected and your case is fought as effectively as possible.

Felony Theft Crimes

Felony theft crimes can range anywhere from a misdemeanor theft with a prior theft conviction, as mentioned above, to violent theft through force, referred to as robbery. These can be some of the most serious crimes charged and carry with them significant prison sentences. An aggressive attorney from Albukerk & Associates is extremely important to explore every facet of your case to ensure that the law treats you fairly.

First, is there video? Is the video working? The fact that it usually isn't is a strike against the prosecution. It is the prosecution's job to produce the evidence to prove you guilty; if they should have evidence that they do not, the client may be in a position to win.

Is there a reliable eyewitness? Was it dark? Was there a crowd? Albukerk & Associates investigators and attorneys go to the complaining witness, the other witnesses at the scene to find out what the witnesses saw, and more importantly, what they could have seen given the time of day and the position of the witnesses.

Could the complaining witness be lying to the police to cover up for his own illegality? Was the complaining witness trying to solicit for sex or looking for drugs?

These are just a few of the ways Albukerk & Associates have won these types of cases.

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