What Do You Do If You're Stopped On Suspicion Of A DUI In Chicago?

There are some simple things to keep in mind if you are ever stopped on suspicion of DUI. While these suggestions are certainly not a guarantee or promise that if you follow them you will not be charged or convicted with a DUI, they are designed to help give you the best chance to beat a DUI.

  • Do not alarm the officer. Remain calm. Keep your hands on the top of the steering wheel where the officer can see your hands. Do not make any sudden movements. Wait until the officer asks for your license and registration before opening your glove compartment or fishing in a bag or pocket for your wallet.
  • Be polite. Say "yes sir" and "no sir". THIS IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT.
  • Ask to speak to your DUI attorney. This request will probably be ignored; if you can, call me at 773-234-8923. You can also email me to arrange an appointment and discuss your case after you have been pulled over or arrested.

You Have Rights — Know How To Assert Them Cautiously

It is your choice whether or not you answer any questions. An officer will most certainly question you about your drinking pattern, eating pattern, etc. The officer will make it seem that you have no choice but to answer his questions. Chances are, if you do answer the officer's questions then you are likely handing evidence of your guilt to the officer, or, giving the officer fodder to twist your words and actions into evidence of guilt. You do not have to answer these questions.

You may simply say, as politely as possible, to all alcohol-related questions or commands to perform tests: "Officer, am I free to go?"

It is always good to know your options. Discuss your criminal defense case with an experienced attorney at Albukerk & Associates. Our experience can help protect you for years to come.