Nursing Home Abuse

Attorney Nick AlbukerkMany people struggle with whether to file a claim for nursing home abuse. They may wonder if their loved one's medical issues or mental state is causing him or her to make false allegations of abuse.

Trust your instincts. If you are concerned that a loved one has been harmed because of negligence or abuse, contact our Chicago area law firm, Albukerk & Associates. We can help you understand your options and take action.

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What It Takes To Win When Your Loved One Has Been Harmed In A Nursing Home

Winning in nursing home abuse cases takes diligence and an ability to dig hard and fast for evidence. Medical records, staffing reports and a history of complaints to social workers or the Illinois Department of Public Health can provide a foundation for a strong negligence case. Obtaining these records and crafting a winning case are very difficult without an experienced legal team on your side.

We can give you the insight and guidance needed to pursue your nursing home negligence and abuse case as it relates to:

  • Physical abuse: Nonaccidental actions that result in pain, injury or impairment. This can include hitting or shoving a resident, using restraints, confining a resident, intentionally administering inappropriate medication or sexually abusing a resident.
  • Emotional abuse: Actions that cause emotional pain or stress such as intimidating or threatening a resident. It can also involve verbal abuse like yelling or humiliating a resident as well as nonverbal abuse such as ignoring or isolating a resident.
  • Neglect or abandonment: Actions (either intentional or unintentional) that leave a resident susceptible to harm. This may include medication errors, unsafe living conditions, untreated medical conditions and failure to bathe, clean or clothe a resident.
  • Financial abuse and exploitation: Actions that misuse a resident's funds by forging signatures on financial documents, persuading an elder to list a caregiver as a beneficiary on estate documents, engaging in identity theft or falsely accusing a resident of legal infractions in an effort to blackmail or manipulate a resident.
  • Health care fraud: Actions on the part of a caregiver that misrepresent the health care provided. This can include charging for care that was not given, receiving kickbacks from companies for prescribing certain medication or engaging in Medicare or Medicaid fraud.

In extreme cases of negligence or abuse, patients and elder residents of nursing homes may suffer fatal injuries. Do not let a negligent care professional or facility avoid responsibility for such devastating actions.

Your loved ones deserve the utmost care and respect, especially when they are in a vulnerable situation. Our job is to make sure you collect what you and your family deserve for what went wrong. Contact us at Albukerk & Associates for more information.