Institutional Negligence

Albukerk & Associates is a full service trial defense firm in Chicago, IL.

We have over 24 years of experience with every type of case and charge.  From traffic to murder cases Albukerk and Associates has already handled your specific charge.  We have developed a reputation for handling the most difficult cases.  We have successfully defended clients who have been tricked into giving false confessions to murders that they did not commit.  We have won child sex charge cases.  We are the only firm in the State of Illinois who has successfully defended a doctor accused of Medicaid fraud.  We are the only firm in Chicago that has won a Sexually Violent Person case.  Our drug defenses have involved full re-creations of the scene of the alleged crime, using actors, cameras and props to show that the officer could not have seen what he claimed in his police reports.  We proved the officer was lying.

An arrest or being charged with a crime can be a very humbling and difficult situation. It is extremely important that you understand your legal rights and protect yourself.  Since 1987 the courts have recognized and allowed DNA analysis to be used as evidence.  Literally hundreds of people who have been convicted and are serving prison time have been proven not guilty.  The lesson is that good representation is priceless.  A defendant accepting the investigation performed by the police and not having his own investigation performed is tantamount to having the police represent you at trial.  Nick Albukerk will ensure that everything possible is done to give you the best possible chance to win your case.

Albukerk & Associates are reputed trial defense lawyers in Chicago, IL, experienced in all aspects of trial defense & DUI law. Contact them to know more about the other legal services they provide.