Deliberate Indifference to Obvious Medical Needs to Prisoners

Albukerk and Associates has one of the biggest deliberate indifference settlements in Central Illinois history. Deliberate Indifference is a federal civil rights instituted by prisoners who are denied medical care.

Prisoners are not entitled to good medical care, but prisons cannot ignore a prisoner’s medical condition.  Albukerk and Associates has handled several cases where prisoners’ complaints of symptoms that should have led to treatment for cancer was ignored.  These men wound up with cancer and were entitled to financial compensation.  Another client of Mr. Albukerk’s was a woman pregnant with twins.  In the 23rd week of gestation, she went into premature labor.  The jail she was in refused to take her to the hospital.  The case involved extremely difficult medical issues; were the unborn children viable?  Was the client to blame for the premature births because she had smoked cannabis?  Is an LPN, a type of nurse, capable of making medical decisions?  What caused the Chorioamnionitis, an infection of the amniotic fluid, which caused the premature birth to occur?  Albukerk and Associates hired 7 different experts to make our case and procure a near record setting settlement. 

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