Medical Malpractice

Nick Albukerk has personally handled dozens of medical malpractice cases including a record verdict in a bladder injury case in the State of Illinois.

Albukerk and Associates procured a verdict of $1,270,000 after the doctor and his attorneys refused to settle for any amount of money.  We were able to demonstrate in graphic detail exactly the mistake that the doctor made.  By reading every article published by the defense’s expert and every article cited to in that expert’s work, we were able to show that articles the expert cited to as authoritative, showed that defense’s theory was a lie.  As the son of a Pathologist and psychologist, Mr. Albukerk is steeped in medical knowledge and culture.  He understands that when doctors make mistakes, they circle the wagons and getting to the truth is a difficult battle.  Go to battle with a tenacious fighter.  If you’re permanently injured by the negligence of a doctor call us for your best chance to win.  Dr. John Obert-Hong a full time doctor and a lawyer is “of counsel” to our firm; with this expertise associated with our firm we are able to get answers faster, settle for more and win with larger verdicts. Call us now for a consultation.

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