Police Misconduct

The media has dispelled any myths that the police can do no wrong. Beatings, theft, sexual assault and worse have occurred with the force of the badge. If you are the victim of police misconduct call Albukerk & Associates for a free consultation.

Federal civil rights laws allow persons to be compensated for malicious prosecution, false arrest and excessive force against their person.  All cases have a common denominator: facts.  You cannot win your case without the best presentation of the facts that put you in the best light and the police in the light of truth.  Nick Albukerk, as a former investigator, will go to the scene, speak to the witnesses and get the facts to win your case.  Demonstrative pictures recreating the position of actors is one technique  in our work up of your case.  The purported view of the officers when probable cause was allegedly achieved can only be shown by actually going to the scene and taking the pictures with actors.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Albukerk and Associates will tell the jury the officers are liars a thousand times over.  Witnesses reluctant to testify?  Protective orders can be requested.  Has the officer himself ever been in trouble?  What are the previous complaints against the officer?  Is there a pattern to his or her trouble?  Has he or she been overly forceful with other defendants?

Before any civil rights trial on police misconduct charges in Federal Court the Defendant must complete his trial case.  An experienced criminal defense attorney is crucial to set up police testimony not only to benefit the client during his or her criminal case, but to get answers and responses during motions and trial that will assist in the later prosecution of the officers in any police misconduct trial.  The criminal trial and motions are an ideal place to get testimony out of officers.  Officers invariably only give good State answers when they have been prepared what to say by a prosecutor.  Prosecutors are not trained to protect police officers for federal civil rights charges and therefore the officer is usually not ready for this line of questions.  An experienced attorney who has handled both civil rights cases as well as over a thousand trial defense cases can guide you through the maze of legal maneuvers that usually takes years until you or your loved one finally receives justice.  Rely on Albukerk and Associates to provide the aggressive representation that will procure evidence in your case that will result in the exceptional Plaintiff’s verdict you expect.  

Call the police misconduct attorneys in Chicago, IL at Albukerk & Associates today for a free consultation and find out how we can give you the best chance to win big.

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